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Services We Provide

Our team of grant writers use industry knowledge and experience to deliver a professional grant proposal that stands out. We combine this with a tried and true network of private sector grant offices across the country to produce reliable results.

Industry Knowledge

Through experience we know what grant offices are looking for. We put together all these elements so we can give your business the edge. Due to strong competition, small business grants are almost impossible to get without an experienced grant writer.

Grant Proposal

There is a lot of competition in obtaining a small business grant. The proposal has to be sharp and share the vision for the business. It is our job to convince the grant office that your business is worth investing in, and it will stand the test of time.

Grant Office Network

We help get the proposal into the right hands with our extensive grant office network. We can target private sector grant offices across the nation. We use sources that are specifically awarding small business grants. Our contacts are the best in the business.

Our Process

Step 1

After you make your one time payment for our grant package we send you a small questionnaire. This will help us obtain basic information about your business and your grant request.

Step 2

When we obtain the information we need through the questionnaire, one of our skilled grant writers will write a professional grant proposal for you. This is what will go to the grant offices to get your small business grant awarded. You don't have to write anything or prepare a presentation. We take care of all of that.

Step 3

We help you get your grant proposal into the right hands with our Grant Office Network. We have a network of private sector grant offices across the country that we use to obtain your small business grant.

Getting Started

To get started you only need to make a payment on this website for our Grant Package at the bottom of this page. The payment is $399 and comes with a $2000 guarantee. We guarantee that through our network you will get at least $2000 in funding or your $399 is refunded in full. We will request your full amount needed for the funding but $2000 of that is guaranteed. We look forward to working with you to get your funding through a small business grant.

Grant Service Package


This grant service includes a professionally designed grant proposal as well as use of our grant office network. We guarantee funding with our grant office network for at least $2000 or a full refund. Proof of mailing is required.